Down by the Riverside is a lindy hop festival organised by Little Harlem Swing School in Bilbao, and Iker and Gina hold the reins. We landed in Bilbao in 2017, and ever since we’ve been focusing our efforts on fueling Lindy Hop and making our place a home for swing in Bilbao.

Our aim was to curate a custom-made festival one we would attend without the slightest shadow of a doubt. We wanted teachers with a language of their own the kind that leave you awestruck and dying to dance. And for the dancefloor we wanted the kind of bands that can take you back to the 30s in just a couple of bars and fill your ears with history.

We wanted the best both for the courses and the dancefloor and, above all, we want to share it with this beautiful growing scene, full of swing lovers.

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