Helena Kanini Kiiru is a young dancer and teacher from Zagreb, Croatia, currently based in Amsterdam.
Her enthusiasm for music and dancing has been evident since her childhood when she started playing piano at the age of 7. Having Kenyan roots in her family, Helena has always been exposed to African music, which stimulated her sensibility for the rhythm. Very soon she started developing interest towards dances like Hip Hop and Dancehall. After 8 years of exploring various Street dance styles, she saw African American Jazz dancing and immediately felt that it speaks to her on a very deep level.
Helena feels that Jazz created an opportunity for her to meet and express all the deep parts of herself
that made her expand and grow. She believes that Jazz gives us a space where we can unapologetically
be ourselves while transcending the body, spirit and music. Helena finds it very important to acknowledge the historical context behind this dance and she’s constantly busy finding new
approaches to bring values of African American culture to her classes.
Currently based in Amsterdam, she continues to teach locally, internationally and online. She endlessly continues to fuel her inspiration with various other dance styles.
Helena is currently on a mission to spread her aspiration and passion for African American Jazz dancing in hopes of contributing to its existence and development. Her huge wish is to connect Jazz and Street dance communities and bring this dance to street jams and clubs!