Quinndy Akeju (she/her) is african, from Nigerian origin, born and raised in Spain, she is a nurse, afro-activist, anti-racist, afro-feminist, pan-africanist and dancer. She is involved in many different projects to eradicate racism, demand justice for and foster the empowerment of people of African-descent in Spain. She militates in the anti-racist movement in Euskal Herria and is the European coordinator of Afro-colectiva, a Spanish speaking media with anti-racist and anti-patriarchal perspective.

She belongs to “Follow the Party”, a movement that, since 2008, aims at becoming a channel to promote urban and social dances and music genera.

She is an Afrodance dancer and choreographer. She founded the project naimed “Afrosesión” whose goal is to foster knowledge of African cultures and the stories of both African dances and the African continent.