This year, we want to bring you a few extra experiences to complement the festival passes. You’ll have the option to choose them at the time of registration, allowing you to tailor the festival to your preferences and helping us manage the class capacity.

Quinndy & Kanini

On Friday, Quinndy and Helena Kanini will join forces to bring us a special and essential class. With their respective influences and unique styles, this collaboration is bound to be magical.

Musicality with Felix & Enric Peidro

For Saturday, we thought, “If we have Felix Berghäll and the Enric Peidro Swingtet, why not put them to work together?” And just like that, it’s happening.

Also, for Party Passes

Classic Tour

Do you want to get to know the Old Town of Bilbao and its historic 7 streets better? Join the tour we’ve prepared for you with the best guides in the city.

Street Escape Tour

If you’re looking for more than a traditional tour, we’ve arranged an outdoor Escape Room with the folks from Epikana, offering a unique way to discover the city.