Please, read carefully the description of each level and be realistic when choosing yours. We want our workshops to be as homogeneous as possible so that everyone can work at ease.


You have attended regular lessons and you are familiar with basic Lindy Hop concepts regarding connexion, pulse and rhythm, as well as 6-count and 8-count structures. You participate regularly in the socials at your local scene and you love the challenge of learning how to communicate with your dance partner. You have been dancing for about 9 months or a year and a half. This is maybe one of your first festival experiences, and you seek to consolidate your technique and add some new figures and rhythms to your repertoire.

Intermediate Advanced

You attend classes regularly and Lindy Hop is part of your everyday life. You have taken in the basic structures and you have quite a repertoire you can comfortably carry out at different speeds (e.g. swing out, circle, pass by, tuck turn, side by side charleston, tandem, sugar push…). You never leave a social until the music is over and you occasionally participate in workshops and festivals. You have been dancing for a period between a year and a half and 3 years, and you are interested in both rhythm and footwork variations. You would like to widen your dance vocabulary, but you would also like to improve your technique and improvisation skills in order to express yourself more freely on the dancefloor.


You have a strongly consolidated base and a wide repertoire of steps. You are not afraid to use different rhythmic variations and you can dance fluently to both fast and slow tempos without losing center. If the music calls for it, you don’t hesitate to perform 180 bpm swing outs. You listen to the music and interpret it, and you understand each dance as a three-way conversation. You’ve been dancing for over three years now, you are a regular at socials, you participate in national and international workshops, and you have even competed sometime or are considering to do so.
You want to focus on musicality and your aim is to connect with anyone, regardless of their level. You want to work on movement quality and on your leading/following technique.


This is the top level at the festival. You’ve been dancing for a long time on an advanced level, you have often participated in workshops and festivals, and you have even been on competitions. You might be teaching in your local scene or beyond.
You take in new steps and variations without effort, since you have a broad background. You easily adjust yourself to different partners with diverse styles, you understand that dancing means communicating, and you try to find balance in the conversation.
You want to focus on movement and improvisations skills, and you also want to improve your musicality and communication. You are interested in competing or teaching, and would like to gain new resources for that purpose.