Tenor sax player Enric Peidro is one of the most solid and respected mainstream jazz players in Spain, with an extensive discography behind him both as a sideman and as a leader and a long career wich includes collaborations, recordings and live appearances with some of the most respected international classic jazz musicians.

Often reviewed in the Jazz media as a strong, creative player and one of the very few specialists nowadays in the language of the classic swing-era tenor styles, of wich he shows great knowledge.

In later years his popularity has increased exponentially since he started working with his medium size combo, a sextet wich often expand to seven or eight pieces, wich under the name of Enric Peidro Swingtet has delighted both listeners and dancers with his classy, elegant and still hard swingin approach To describe both the music and the philosophy of Peidro and his Swingtet, perhaps would easier to explain what they do not do … Although dedicated to classic jazz, however, nothing further from their intentions than musical archeology or museum nostalgia; No revival is needed in their opinion, because classic Jazz and Swing are alive and in very good shape when played honestly and devotedly.

Tenor Sax, trumpet and trombone, along with a rhythm section of piano, double bass and drums are the line up of this band.

A group wich always is in constant search of new material, either new tunes or arrangements often paying attention to the ones that reflect the exquisite, the surprising, the unexpected, and often rediscovering long forgotten compositions whose freshness proves that quality music not only resists the passage of time in an enviable way, but also proving that through an honest, imaginative and spontaneous musical discourse, swing music is alive and well and this band is ready to make both listeners and dancers leave either the ballroom or the concert hall with a smile in their face.